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Mr. Reisig has been an attorney at law since 1995. He worked as an associate for Francis X. Moore, Esq. in Red Bank from 1997-1998. Mr. Moore was generally regarded as the foremost DWI attorney ever in the state of New Jersey until his passing in 2003.

In 1998, Mr. Reisig established his own law firm in Freehold, New Jersey. Subsequently, Mr. Reisig appeared successfully in the New Jersey Supreme Court on the seminal Refusal case of State vs. Widmaier, 157 N.J. 475 (1999). Mr. Reisig has tried contested DWI cases in all of New Jersey’s twenty-one counties. Currently, he has DWI matters in sixteen counties throughout New Jersey.

Most recently, Mr. Reisig was one of the four principal defense attorneys in the landmark DWI case State vs. Chun, which was heard before the New Jersey Supreme Court on April 5, 2007. The Chun case concerned the scientific reliability of the Alcotest 7110 which was New Jersey’s replacement as a breath testing device for the antiquated Breathalyzer.

Mr. Reisig was the first attorney to argue the case before the New Jersey Court in April of last year. He was chosen to be the first attorney to argue the matter by proclamation of the other defense attorneys.

To date, Mr. Reisig has represented more than 900 individuals charged with DUI who were ultimately not convicted of the charge. No other attorney who practices DWI defense in New Jersey makes a similar claim in their advertising.

Mr. Reisig is a certified criminal trial attorney as designated by the New Jersey Supreme Court. He was the only attorney in the Chun case who has this distinction.

Mr. Reisig regularly speaks at seminars as an expert in DUI defense.

Mr. Reisig accepts DUI cases in every part of New Jersey.

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