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DWI Attorney For Out of State Driver Arrested On Drunk Driving

If you need help with a DWI and are from out-of-state, 1041 of my clients received NO DWI Conviction – CALL ME

If you’re a driver from out of state who has been summonsed for a DUI, DWI or BAC test refusal in New Jersey, you need the help of an experienced attorney from The Matthew Reisig Law Firm.

We defend individuals who are licensed in other states who have been charged with alcohol related offenses in New Jersey.

Our lawyer has been representing individuals faced with DUI offenses including multiple offenders. When we take on a DUI case our goal is to defend you and prove your innocence.

We will thoroughly evaluate your case, explore all possible options and guide you through the entire process.

The State of New Jersey has specific DUI laws that may affect your driving privileges. But keep in mind that when an individual who is licensed in another state is charged with a DUI in New Jersey, their driving privileges are only affected within the state of New Jersey.

The courts of New Jersey have no authority to suspend or revoke a person’s license in their home state. That decision is left to the Division of Motor Vehicles of their home sate.

But do not take an out of state New Jersey DUI charge lightly. Make sure you contact the Matthew Reisig Law Firm to speak with an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney and learn how we can help you in your case.

We will vigorously work to defend your case, look to minimize charges and pursue the most favorable conclusion possible. Contact us today for a free initial consultation over the phone.

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