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Ignition Interlock Device For DWI In New Jersey

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An ignition interlock device is installed in a car to ensure that the person attempting to drive the car is not intoxicated.

The driver must blow into a mouthpiece on the device in order to start the engine and drive the car. If the device reads a certain BAC level, above 0.05% in New Jersey, the car will not start.

It will also require another breath sample periodically while driving. This prevents others from breathing into the device and allowing the individual to drive away once the care has started.

If it does not receive another breath sample, the car will record the incident, issue a warning, and set off an alarm such as flashing lights or a horn honking until the driver has shut off the car. Contrary to common belief, the car will not shut off if it does not receive a subsequent breath sample because this would be unsafe for the driver and others on the road.

If you are convicted of a DUI in New Jersey you are subject to the following:

  • First DUI offense: Installation of ignition interlock device for six months to one year
  • Second DUI offense: Installation of ignition interlock device for one to three years or a two year suspension of registration privileges
  • Third DUI offense: Installation of ignition interlock device for one to three years as a condition for restoring your driving privileges or a 10 year suspension of registration privileges


If the court sentences you to get an ignition interlock device, you will get a notice of suspension with instructions on how to have one installed. A Drunk Driving Attorney will help you challenge your case to avoid such penalties of conviction.

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