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Client Testimonials

I had enlisted Mr. Reisig’s counsel to represent me during a potential 2nd DUI case hearing.  I cannot stress enough how aggressive and willing to fight Mr Reisig was for me.  He showed with his persistence and knowledge of DUI law (Mr. Reisig is by far an expert), he was willing to basically find facts necessary to in the end get me the result I was hoping for.  In the end (case went on for over a year), Mr Reisig was able to get a majority of my charges (including the DUI) dismissed which surprised me in a good way.  I can honestly say Mr Reisig has a unique way of handling each case, and in the end it was entirely worth every penny I spent for his services.  Mr. Reisig’s team was also helpful, always following up and handling my phone calls when needed.

Thanks Again!



Matthew Reisig came highly recommended. The entire staff is professional and exudes confidence. Though no one can guarantee a favorable outcome, his track record gave me hope. The verdict was a success and I have a new lease on life. Thank you Reisig & Associates.

– B.J.

WOW, WOW, I cannot put into words how amazing Mr. Reisig and his team were at defending, arguing and attacking from every angle my DWI defense. They leave no stone unturned.

To readers: YOU DO NOT want to ever be in my position which was a possible 3rd DWI. Just to let you know; that is 180 days in jail with countless fines and 10 years loss of license. Needless to say I was terrified.

Mr. Reisig is amazing to watch in court, how he handled my case against the state. He receives tremendous respect from his peers and rightly so. His knowledge of defending DWi is impeccable as well as his success in the court room is well documented. If you or anyone else you know needs help you would be foolish to not contact and engage Mr. Reisg and his team. OH, did I fail to mention he got a full DISMISSAL, that’s right every charge DISMISSED!!!.

To Mr. Reisig his staff and team of experts thank you for saving my life.

What an amazing and talented attorney. To all readers of this testimonial: choose your attorney wisely- I DID

– C.B.

I have been a client of Mr. Reisig and associates over the past five years and I always received full dismissals or extremely favorable results in all of my cases. This amount of success Mr. Reisig archives is not attributed to luck; it is due to his knowledge of the law, professionalism, and relentlessness to work hard for his clients. I recently had a DUI in a township that is very strict on this particular offense, and not to sound cliché, but I wasn’t worried because the attorney I hired is simply the best at what does. Due to the specific circumstances in my case, it took a span of several months. I seen in that time over a hundred cases and while pleas were made, the actual DUI charge of these matters were not dismissed. On February 28, 2013, Mr. Reisig was successfully able to negotiate the dismissal of my DUI charge, and I only had to pay a minimal fine, with a much lesser charge. In this particular situation a 90 day loss of license is almost exclusive to the charge. Mr. Reisig was also able to reduce the amount of time by nearly 50%. I affirm to all potential clients, these types of results just do NOT happen in this particular court I was in.

Mr. Resig and associates are the most professional and results orientated criminal law firm in New Jersey. I have tried other lawyers in the past that either don’t care about their clients, are salesmen, deal makers, and quite frankly aren’t anywhere in the league of Mr. Reisig. Mr. Reisig has complete command presence in the courtroom, it’s really an amazing site to see. I have never been disappointed with Mr. Resig and am tremendously grateful for his services over the years. It’s important to remember, the judge, the prosecutor, law enforcement; they are not on your side. Mr. Resig is on your side from the moment you call him, with YOUR best interest in mind. There is no better criminal attorney to retain but the best. Mr. Reisig and associates are outstandingly professional and organized to update you constantly on court dates, schedule changes, and all around there to provide you with all the information you need throughout the court proceedings.

Mr. Reisig cares about your case, and wants you to understand every detail so that you have as much knowledge as possible to efficiently guide you through the process. Absolutely everything and anything you expect from a top criminal attorney and staff is Mr. Resig and associates, they exceed expectations and go above and beyond any criminal law firm in the state of New Jersey. When it comes to a criminal matter there is no other option for optimal results than Mr. Resig and associates.

– M.B.

There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude I have for Mr. Reisig and his associates. I was looking at a loss of license of 2 years, fines, and countless other penalties. Needless to say, I was nervous and scared. Mr. Kurzawa answered every question I had, always keeping me informed on the progress of my case. I truly appreciate his patience with a panicky client. The day of trial, Mr. Reisig was unforgettable. His knowledge and confidence are beyond anything I could have asked for. He handled my case expertly, and I walked away with no charges. I cannot say thank you enough!

– Z.K.

Mr. Reisig and Associates,
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to helping me win my DWI–Refusal case. Your expertise truly shows why the firm is at the top for defending clients with these charges. I would recommend Mr. Reisig and Associates to anyone in need, and know they will be there every step of the way with providing true knowledge on how to defend a case. Thank you.

– K.T.

When I went to see Mr. Reisig, I was charged with a 3rd offense DWI. I was looking at going to jail for six months and losing my license for ten years. In the end, Mr. Reisig got my DWI dismissed and I walked away without going to jail or losing my license at all. Mr. Reisig represented me professionally and got me the result I needed so that I could keep working and keep driving. I can’t thank him enough for everything that he did.

– C.A.

I was ecstatic with the way Mr. Reisig represented me in my recent DWI case. His performance in Court was nothing short of unbelievable. I have told my family, friend and co-workers that if they ever need an attorney the only person they should think about calling is Mr. Reisig.


Mr. Reisig represented me on a DWI and Refusal charge. He filed a Motion in my case to dismiss both charges. The Prosecutor agreed with his legal reasoning. Both the DWI and the Refusal were dismissed in my case. It was an amazing result. I enthusiastically urge anyone with a DWI to hire Mr. Reisig. He promised a rigorous defense and that’s what I received.

– H.A.

Reisig and Associates fought my DWI case for nearly four years. They did not stop fighting until all of my charges were dismissed. I could have gone to jail and lost my license for ten years. But because of the work that Reisig and Associates did for me, I left court without going to jail or losing my license for one day!

– S.M.

When my husband was arrested for a DWI, we were devastated. A DWI was crushing to my husband’s job and would put us in a difficult position to put it lightly. We knew we needed a great lawyer who would fight for us. We received a referral from a friend and were lucky to come across Mr. Reisig. I could see that Matthew took a vested interest in my husband’s case, as he looked deeply into every detail and would not settle if a piece of information was missing. I sat in the courtroom and watched countless other lawyers just let their clients get DWI’s at the maximum sentence, I was fearful and shocked at times by their lack of effort. But when Matthew represented my husband he was aggressive and clearly did his homework on our case as he was well versed in every possible detail. He spoke with a purpose and passion and made sure the facts were presented and our side was well represented. Mr. Reisig was able to get the prosecutor and judge to agree to drop the DWI charge completely and basically tore their case to shreds. Plea Bargains are unheard of and technically don’t exist, but Matthew Reisig made the impossible – possible. Even my father who has over 30 years of law enforcement experience said “most lawyers couldn’t have pulled that off”.

– K.M.

Mr. Reisig made a terrible experience bearable. I was relieved by the professional manner in which he handled my case. His legal knowledge and expertise enabled him to achieve a tremendous result for me. I highly recommend him.

–  L.G.

Mr. Reisig represented me for a DWI that unfortunately was my 2nd one in 5 yrs. He was able to negotiate in court a lesser charge of reckless driving, with no DWI on my record. He worked very closely with me on the details of my case, and ended up achieving a more than satisfying result for me.

– W.K.

I would highly recommend Mr. Reisig to represent my family and friends. I have the utmost confidence anyone would be happy with their results. I had nine officers testifying against me and I walked away with winning results. Some lawyers are dealmakers. If you want a deal maker get a public defender, but if you want and need to win I would, without a doubt, pick Mr. Reisig.

– L.M.

Mr. Reisig has a keen knowledge of DWI law. His strong tenacity in the courtroom is well known. This combination will give you the best chance for a positive outcome. I strongly recommend his counsel. L.R.

I just wanted to take some time and thank you once again for all the help each one of you provided during the duration of my case. The outcome was more than I could ever possibly imagine and the gratitude that my family and I have to each of you goes beyond words. You came to me very highly recommended and you can rest assured that if I know of anyone in a situation where I think you can be of assistance I will definitely recommend your Law Office to the fullest. Your Law Practice is truly the “Best of the Best”. Again, thank you for all your hard work in resolving my case. I wish each of you much success and happiness in the future.

– F.M.

More than once I called on Matthew when I was in a bad spot. Both times he delivered victories for me. Not only would I recommend him, I have.  Without his knowledge of the law, drive to exhaust all possibilities and fight for his clients, I don’t know where I’d be.

– K.M.

Mr. Reisig literally saved my job for me. I would have lost my career as a professional driver if he hadn’t beaten my DWI. He is the best. I would urge anybody with a DUI to hire Mr. Reisig.

– S.B.

MatthewReisig was focused and fierce in his determination to serve my needs.  He welcomed my views and perspectives to make valued judgments that served my best interests.  He clearly knows what he is doing and is pleasurable to work with.  If it wasn’t for Matthew, I don’t know where I would be today.  Thanks, Matt.  You’re the best.

– S.A.

I thank my lucky stars to have found Matthew as my attorney, he is very respectful and straight to the point, he is very specific and detailed orientated, no questions needed to be asked by me, he told me everything from the beginning.  I was anticipating a bad outcome on my case, but he worked diligently on my case.  He is very aggressive in court.  I would like to say so much more.

– D.L.

Mr. Reisig and his team provided the highest level of courtesy and professionalism.  Mr. Reisig’s knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm were evident during both consultation and representation.  I never doubted that I had the best possible representation from start to finish.

– T.M.

Mr. Reisig achieved a wonderful result for me. He appeared on my case several times before it was finally resolved. I ended up not being convicted of DWI or Refusal based on his legal arguments. The Municipal Court Judge treated Mr. Reisig differently than every other attorney when we were in court. Everyone treats Mr. Reisig differentlyI heartily and enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who has a DWI.

– O.M.

* These are actual testimonials from clients of Mr. Reisig’s law firm. None of the comments have been altered. However, the clients’ initials have been used to protect their anonymity.

* This information should not create an unjustified expectation that similar results can be obtained for others without regard to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each particular case.

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