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Reliability of NJ DWI Breath Tests

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Breath tests have been targeted as an unreliable source for determining blood alcohol content in many cases and a New Jersey DWI lawyer knows how to emphasize their deficiencies in trial.

These machines require routine check ups and calibration. If not monitored closely, the accuracy of these devices may be way off without anyone noticing.

Potential problems:

The temperature of the machine may affect the results. Different people have different body temperatures and this can certainly affect results.

Hematocrit are solid particles in the whole blood and they can be different in various people. This also may affect readings on the breath test devices. Police radio operation generated electromagnetic waves may cause radio frequency interference (RFI) with the breath test device.

The results may also be affected by the physical characteristics or health conditions of the individual.

Factors that could affect results include age, lung function, overall strength and size, a disease or condition such as asthma, diabetes, eardrum rupture, ketosis, emphysema, bronchitis, dental issues, fever or harelip, shock or trauma, certain types of special diets, or hiccupping, burping, vomiting or hyperventilating.

It is even possible that severe heartburn could have skewed the breath results.

A New Jersey DWI lawyer understands all the subtle influences that may have interfered with your breath test and can argue against the results in court.

Being arrested for a DWI in New Jersey is a serious crime and requires the assistance of a trained professional.

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