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DWI Test Refusal In New Jersey – Breath or Blood Alcohol Test

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If you were arrested in New Jersey and refused to take a breath or blood alcohol test, your refusal may be used in court as evidence against you resulting in driver’s license suspension or revocation. In addition, a refusal may add additional penalties and consequences if you are convicted of drunk driving. You will need the help of an experienced NJ DUI attorney who can defend you in court and aggressively pursue a favorable outcome.

The Matthew Reisig Law Firm is prepared to handle your case. Our attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable with New Jersey’s DUI/DWI laws, and have successfully defended numerous clients with aggressive and effective representation. We take the time to thoroughly understand each case, review the charges and probable cause of the arrest, and pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

Our firm can provide helpful advice and effective legal representation for the following DUI related offenses:

If you were arrested for DUI/DWI, or refused to take a breath or blood alcohol test, don’t assume you should automatically plead guilty. Make sure you seek the help of an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney who can defend and protect your rights.

Our attorneys are well prepared to defend you in court, and have experience negotiating with prosecutors before charges are filed in order to avoid maximum penalties and punishment. We will challenge the charges, create a strong defense, and pursue a positive outcome.

Don’t risk your future by not having the right attorney at your side. To speak with an experienced New Jersey DUI Lawyer about your case and learn your rights, please contact The Matthew Reisig Law Firm today.

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