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DUID Attorney In New Jersey – Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs

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A DWI charge involving drugs is a serious matter with severe penalties. However, in the case of a DWI involving drugs, the state has a difficult case to prove. The sobriety and breathalyzer tests that show a person to be under the influence of alcohol do not show if a person is under the influence of drugs. Only a skilled New Jersey DUID attorney can help you prove your innocence.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) charges can be brought up against any person suspected of driving while under the influence of any hallucinogenic, narcotic, or other habit-producing drug. Drugs considered to affect the influence of driving include marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin, or other narcotics, including prescription or over the counter drugs.

If you are pulled over under the suspicion of DUID, you are not required to provide a blood, breath or urine sample to the officer. The New Jersey law of Implied Consent to take these tests is limited only to suspicion of drunk driving –not drugs. Those with commercial licenses are required to submit to a chemical test if suspected of DUID.

Even if you took a chemical test, a Drug Recognition Expert must administer the test. If the station you tested at did not have an expert on hand, your test results will be inadmissible in court.

Our New Jersey DWI attorney is well versed in every aspect of DWI defense, and has successfully defended a number of clients facing DWI related charges. We thoroughly examine each case, challenge the charges, and aggressively work to dismantle both the physical and circumstantial evidence in a prosecutor’s case.

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