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Alternatives to Jail After A DWI In New Jersey

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In New Jersey DUI cases there is the possibility of some jail time whether it is your first offense, second or third. However, the judge has some flexibility, (within proscribed limits) on sentencing. It is sometimes possible for a skilled New Jersey DUI attorney, to persuade the judge to either make jail time relatively short or impose other options to jail, in certain situations. Some potential alternatives might include:

  • Work Release
  • Work Furlough
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Alcohol or Drug Rehab Program
  • City Jail
  • Sober Living House

Work Release
Instead of going to jail, the individual is permitted to labor at a predetermined site during working hours, which is usually assigned by the Probation Department of the jurisdiction. The individual is able to go home at night to slumber, but generally is not allowed to go any other place before returning to his or her site of labor the following day. Depending on the defendant’s record, a New Jersey DWI attorney may be able to secure this option.

Work Furlough
In this program, the individual convicted of DUI is permitted to retain his current employment, and go to work everyday. At nightfall, however, he or she must return to a dormitory-style facility located at the jail to take a snooze until the sun has risen again in New Jersey. Based on the defendant’s record, a New Jersey DUI lawyer may be able to convince the court to provide this alternative to jail.

Electronic Monitoring
In this arrangement the participant wears an ankle bracelet that electronically monitors his or her location at all times. This is also commonly known as “house arrest.” In most cases, however, arrangements can be made for the individual to go to school or work, so long as he or she is home at a certain time. If you have more on your record, this may be the best alternative a New Jersey DUI attorney is able to secure.

Alcohol or Drug Rehab Program
In some cases, not only in New Jersey, a DUI conviction may indicate an addiction problem requiring treatment. An experienced New Jersey DUI attorney can usually recognize when his or her client needs this kind of program, and lead the individual to pursue this option. After this issue is recognized it may then be necessary for the New Jersey DUI lawyer to convince the court to sentence the individual to the rehab program, rather than jail.

City Jail
Rather than going to a normal jail, the defendant convicted of DUI anywhere in New Jersey, may be permitted to spend a night at the local police station, and then be released the next day. A New Jersey DUI lawyer may be able to convince the judge to give you this alternative, if it is your first offense.

Sober Living
This is another possibility that may be suitable for an individual with a long-term alcohol or drug problem. In this arrangement the person goes to live in a residence where all the people are required to be sober. Usually this option also includes regular attendance at a 12-step program. A New Jersey DUI lawyer can help clients to get the assistance they need for rehabilitation if there is a problem of addiction.

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