In New Jersey, How Can Somebody Charged With DUI Make An Informed Choice About Selection Of An Attorney When There Are So Many Websites On The Internet?

Any attorney can pay money to have a technical specialist optimize their website and say that they defend DUI cases. However, that does not make an experienced DUI attorney. Far from it.

The person charged with DUI should be careful when actually reading about the attorney on the particular website and their so-called accomplishments. Many of these attorney websites do not provide any specific information about their actual track record in defending DUI cases. Rather, they use general language describing their legal services.

Conversely, my website describes in detail some of my landmark accomplishments in defending DUI cases. For instance, it sets forth the dominant role that I played in the historic New Jersey State v. Chun (Alcotest reliability hearings) and the fact that I have tried contested DUI’s in every county in New Jersey. No other New Jersey attorney makes a similar claim in their website.

In addition, I have a Testimonial Page which features actual comments about my law firm from just a few of my many past clients who were successful in beating their DUI charge. Also, I have a Recent Results page which lists actual DUI cases that were successfully defended by me. These are some of the areas that someone charged with DUI should actually consider when making the important choice of which attorney to hire in defending their DUI.

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