What Should Someone Charged With DUI Ask A New Jersey Attorney During Their Initial Consultation?

The person charged with DUI should ask the attorney very specific questions about their law practice. Most specifically, the person charged with DUI should ask the attorney;

1) how many DUI’s they are currently defending?;
2) when was the last time they actually won a DUI?;
3) If they have ever appeared in the municipal court where their DUI is going to be heard?; and
4) if they can speak to past clients that have previously been represented by the attorney?

These are all legitimate and reasonable questions to ask when an individual is charged with DUI. If the attorney hesitates in answering any of these valid questions, the person charged with DUI should be guided accordingly. My law firm welcomes these legitimate inquiries and will answer these questions in a willing and forthright manner. The more a person charged with DUI learns about a law firm, the easier it will be to make an informed choice of the appropriate DUI attorney to represent their legal interests.

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