Why Should An Individual Charged With DUI In New Jersey Hire My Law Firm To Represent Them?

In a word, experience. Quite simply, I have almost unparalleled experience in representing clients charged with DUI. I started my legal career in 1995. In 1997, I was hired my Francis X. Moore, then the recognized leader in New Jersey DUI defense.

Mr. Moore was a legendary figure in the history of municipal court practice (His Law Firm ultimately disbanded in 1998. He passed away in 2003). I was his last associate attorney. At the time I worked for him, he had stopped appearing in court for his clients. That became my job. In my first year of working for Mr. Moore, I tried over 100 separate DUI cases for the firm. In just this the first year alone, I tried more DUI’s than experienced trial attorneys defend in an entire career. Necessarily, this trial record has increased with each succeeding year of legal practice. I established my own law firm in 1998.

Nothing is more important in a courtroom than trial experience. You don’t get trial experience as an attorney by sitting in your office talking to prospective clients. You do not gain trial experience by having your clients’ plead guilty to DUI. You do not gain trial experience by sending other attorneys to appear in court for your clients. Rather, you gain trial experience by actually defending DUI’s in Municipal Court.

I will match my experience in representing individuals charged with DUI with any attorney in New Jersey. I will similarly match my trial experience in defending DUI’s with any attorney in New Jersey. Bar None.

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