Will Matthew Reisig Actually Appear In Court With Me If I Hire His Law Firm To Defend My DUI Charge In New Jersey?

Yes. I make all consequential critical court appearances for my clients charged with DUI. While my associate attorneys may make preliminary appearances for my clients on pre trial matters, I personally appear for all significant stages of the client’s DUI case. Unlike other law firms who send associate attorneys to appear on all court appearances for their client’s DUI charge, that would never happen with my DUI clients.

I resolve all of my client’s DUI cases. If my client’s DUI charge results in a trial, I will be the trial attorney. There are no exceptions to this rule in my law firm. I know why people hire me to defend their DUI charges. They are hiring me because of my experience, my reputation, and the results that I achieve for my client’s charged with DUI. Therefore they will see me in court as their attorney for all important stages of their DUI charge. I insist on it. I would not have it any other way.

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