What Effect Will A DWI Conviction In NJ Have On My Automobile Insurance Rates?

Pursuant to New Jersey statutes, an insurance company can cancel the liability coverage of an insured individual convicted of DWI.

Therefore, it is likely that any insured motorist convicted of a New Jersey DWI will have their policy cancelled by the applicable insurance company. These individuals will be able to obtain liability coverage, but only in an “assigned risk” category offered by some insurance carriers.

The end result is that an individual convicted of DWI by New Jersey municipal court will have to obtain a different insurance policy which will increase their rates exponentially.

However, all insurance companies only have the ability to look at an individual’s motor vehicle record for the preceding five year period. In essence, a DWI conviction will only result in these exponentially higher insurance rates for a five year period. If an individual convicted of a New Jersey DWI does not incur another such conviction for the next five years, they will be able to obtain regular insurance coverage.

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