Do I Have A Right To Be Given A Copy Of The Video Recording Made At The Time I Was Stopped For DWI In New Jersey….

….and under what circumstances can this recording be used against me at my upcoming trial?

An individual charged with DWI has an absolute right to be provided with a copy of any video recording pertaining to the charge. There are many circumstances where a video recording can be used against an individual charged with DWI.

In most cases, the video recording is a mobile vehicle recording (MVR) which is in the center console of the officer’s patrol vehicle. Necessarily, this MVR will memorialize the events leading to the wireless motor vehicle stop and culminating in the individual’s arrest for DWI.

In many cases, the MVR will continue until the DWI arrestee is brought back to the police department or State Police barracks. Video recordings in DWI cases can prove to be either inculpatory (favorable to the State) or exculpatory (favorable to the defense).

Every DWI case is separate and distinct. By definition, every video recording in a DWI case is separate and distinct. So the artistry of defending a DWI case is reviewing the video recording to assist the defendant in his or her defense.

As stated, this can be an art form with an experienced DWI defense attorney. The general rule on video recordings in DWI cases is that they are critical evidence. They must be reviewed and reviewed again. I have won hundreds of DWI cases based on video recording evidence.

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