Can I Ask The Court To Assign Me To Community Service In NJ Instead Of Paying DUI Fines If I Can’t Afford Them?

You can ask, but New Jersey courts don’t have much leeway when it comes to DWI penalties, and even if they did, they have an interest in collecting the money that you’ll be forced to pay.

Everyone has obligations, and the court won’t throw you in the slammer if you can’t fork over a lump sum payment.

Instead, they’ll work out a payment plan with you, and you’ll still have to pay off the entire amount, plus interest, over a period of months or years.

If you fall behind, count on further negotiations to get the money from you.

You’ll probably be sentenced to some community service as well, but the court won’t just double your community service sentence and reduce your fines.

The DWI attorneys at Reisig & Associates can help minimize all of your liabilities in a New Jersey DWI case.

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