How Can I Expunge My DWI In New Jersey?

New Jersey doesn’t allow expungement of DWI convictions, but luckily, New Jersey also doesn’t treat it as a criminal matter that appears on criminal background checks.

This means that when you apply for an apartment, a home mortgage, or a new job, odds are good that your DWI will be completely invisible to a check.

Where your DWI will continue to cause you pain for years to come is in the matter of automotive insurance.

You can never remove your DWI from your driving record in NJ, and insurers will continue to penalize you in the form of higher insurance costs for many years.

Your conviction in a New Jersey DWI case isn’t a given. Fight back with the attorneys at Reisig & Associates.

Call us today at 732-625-9660 and protect your driving record and your future.

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