What’s The Legal Standard The State Has To Meet To Convict Me Of DWI In New Jersey?

Even though New Jersey DWI isn’t a criminal matter, when it prosecutes a drunk driving case, the state is still held to the standard of Guilty Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

This is a powerful strategic element in DWI defense, because it leaves open many avenues of that a good lawyer can explore to cast doubt on the state’s claims.

With an experienced DWI attorney, evidence like field sobriety tests and even breath testing can be successfully challenged.

All testing protocols require strict adherence to legal standards of use and interpretation, and the fact is that in many cases, it can be demonstrated that those protocols weren’t met, calling critical prosecution evidence into question.

When you’re facing DWI charges in New Jersey, don’t take chances with your future. Matthew Reisig is one of the state’s most experienced DWI defense attorneys.

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