In New Jersey, What’s The Difference Between The Breathalyzer And Alcotest?

For many years, the Breathalyzer device was considered the standard breath analysis machine by law enforcement in New Jersey and many other states.

While it did provide data to the police and prosecutors, the Breathalyzer had many flaws that could be exploited by the defense in DUI cases.

In recent years, New Jersey has adopted the Alcotest device and stopped using the Breathalyzer entirely.

The Alcotest is considered more reliable by the courts, because it is more automated and less subject to operator manipulation. However, there are still numerous defenses to an Alcotest result, and operators are still required to follow strict protocols in its use, which they often fail to do.

Few attorneys in New Jersey are as knowledgeable about the Alcotest device as Matthew Reisig, who has argued these issues before the New Jersey Supreme Court.

There are defenses against high Alcotest results. Call 732-625-9660 today for a free consultation.

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