What Kind Of Defenses Are There For A DWI In New Jersey?

There are dozens of viable defenses against DWI charges in New Jersey, but the strategy that’s right for your case will depend on your unique circumstances.

When you’ve been arrested for DWI in New Jersey, finding an experienced attorney who knows how to evaluate the evidence against you and exploit all weaknesses in the state’s case is paramount.

It’s important that your attorney ask the right questions – was the stop legal, were approved field sobriety tests properly administered, was the Alcotest device properly maintained and calibrated, was the officer who performed the testing properly credentialed, were testing protocols followed, do you have underlying health issues that may interfere with the test results, and more.

There are many, many ways to fight a DWI charge, but only if you know how.

Fight back against DWI charges in New Jersey.

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