In New Jersey, How Soon Can I Get My License Back If I’m Convicted Of A DWI?

The length of your license suspension depends on a few different factors. For instance, if your BAC reading was between .08 and .10 and this was a first offense, you will probably be able to begin the process of reinstatement in as a few as three months.

If your BAC reading was .10 or above on a first offense, your suspension will last between 7 months and one year.

On a second offense, you’ll lose your license for two years. On a third offense, you won’t be able to have a driver’s license in New Jersey for a decade.

And the suspension of your license is only one of the punitive steps New Jersey applies to drunk drivers.

You don’t have to be convicted of DWI charges in New Jersey. Get help today from one of New Jersey’s most experienced DWI defense lawyers.

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