How Do I Get To And From Work If I’m Convicted Of DWI In New Jersey?

How you get to and from work and other essentials of life after a DWI in New Jersey is entirely up to you – as long as you don’t get there by driving a car.

Once your license is revoked for drunk driving, you’re fully grounded.

There are no conditional, restricted, or other licenses available to drivers during the revocation period, though you may be able to petition to get your license back a little bit sooner than originally scheduled.

Maintaining a job is critical to one’s lifestyle and wellbeing, which is why revoking a drivers license is so disruptive and – from the state’s perspective – such an effective deterrent.

Public transit, cab fare, and asking friends and family to drive you around are the methods you’ll be stuck with if you’re convicted.

Convictions aren’t a given though. There are dozens of defenses against DWI charges, and they all start with working with a tough, experienced New Jersey DWI attorney.

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