Will A New Jersey DWI Conviction Put Points On My License?

You won’t get DMV points on your license if you’re convicted of DWI in New Jersey, but you’ll be facing a license suspension, the possibility of being dropped by your insurer, increased car insurance rates for years, plus fines, fees, and the risk of more significant punishment if you’re convicted of DWI in the future.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In New Jersey, there are many ways to contest a DWI charge.

Your biggest concern if you’ve been arrested for DWI anywhere in the state is finding the most experienced legal counsel you can get. When you call attorney Matthew Reisig at 732-625-9660, you’ll talk to an attorney who has defended – and won – DWI cases in every county in New Jersey, and argued on behalf of DWI defendants before the state Supreme Court.

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