Does A Jury Decide If I’m Guilty Of DWI In New Jersey?

No, your DWI case will be heard by a judge, who will determine whether the prosecution has proven the case against you.

While this may seem like a harder hurdle to overcome on your way to beating a DWI charge, in some ways it helps you.

Judges clearly understand the law in question, the rules of evidence, and courtroom procedures in a way that juries never do.

It’s harder for prosecutors to fool a judge using weak evidence or shoddy police work.

The best way to beat a DWI charge in New Jersey is to rely on experienced legal advice from an attorney who knows DWI law inside and out.

Attorney Matthew Reisig has beaten DWI charges more than 1,001 times for his clients, and he can help you. Call 732-625-9660 today for a free consultation.

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