Can’t I Just Expunge My New Jersey DWI Record In A Few Years And Move On?

No, your New Jersey DWI conviction can’t be expunged, because it isn’t a criminal matter. New Jersey DWI is a traffic violation, so a guilty plea or conviction will remain on your driving record permanently, and will have long term repercussions even if you never have another DWI.

After a DWI conviction, insurance companies are under no obligation to cover you, and those that will are free to charge you exorbitant rates for the privilege of driving.

Jobs that require commercial driver’s licenses will be off limits to you for the rest of your life after two DWIs.

Your best bet is to fight a DWI with an experienced New Jersey DWI attorney. Matthew Reisig has defeated more than 1,001 DWI charges for clients across the state.

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