How Long Will My License Be Suspended For If I’m Convicted Of DWI In New Jersey?

License suspension is mandatory in New Jersey after a DUI conviction, but the time frame varies based on two factors.

First, if your blood alcohol content was over .08 but under .10, your penalty will be lower.

Second, the number of previous DWI’s you’ve been convicted of will be a determining factor. There are additional considerations if you were under 21 at the time of the arrest.

If this is your first offense and your BAC was .08 or higher but under .10, your mandatory suspension is 3 months.

If your BAC was .10 or higher on a first offense, you may lose your license for up to a year.

The window for a second (or third) DWI is 10 years, so if this is your second arrest for DWI in a decade, you’ll face a license suspension of two years.

For a third offense, you can lose your license for 10 years.

You don’t have to be convicted of DWI in New Jersey, and few cases are as airtight as police and prosecutors want you to believe.

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