Can I Avoid Jail If I’m Convicted Of A DWI In New Jersey?

Because some jail time is a possibility in DWI cases in New Jersey, many people are interested in ways to avoid serving a traditional sentence.

Luckily, it is sometimes possible to work out an alternate approach with prosecutors and the judge.

Depending on various factors, an experienced New Jersey DWI attorney may be able to secure you alternatives like work release, which allows you to sleep at home and return to a job administered by the Probation Department for the duration of your sentence.

Other options include an in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, or electronic monitoring by an ankle bracelet (house arrest).

Judges are not always initially open to such arrangements, which is why a skilled New Jersey DWI attorney can make such a big difference in your case.

Matthew Reisig has defended clients against DWI charges in New Jersey for more than 17 years, and has helped more than 1,000 drivers avoid conviction on DWI charges.

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