Can I Lose My Driver’s License If I Get A Boating DWI In New Jersey?

Yes, now that the summer months are upon us, it’s important that operators of boats, jetskis, and other watercraft realize that the rules of the water are the same as the rules of the road, and that if you are caught operating a vessel while under the influence, you face the same penalties you would if you were pulled over after a night at a bar.

That includes loss of your driver’s license.

This can seem like an excessive penalty for someone enjoying an afternoon with friends on the water, but the good news is that boating DWI cases are harder for prosecutors to prove.

Various factors may give the appearance of intoxication, when in fact a person is experiencing exhaustion from the sun, excessive heat, or even motor control issues from the motion of the boat.

An experienced New Jersey DWI attorney can make the strongest case for you in a boating DWI case, and often prevent serious penalties like loss of your driver’s license.

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