Can I Have My DWI Conviction In New Jersey Expunged, Sealed, Or Otherwise Removed From Public View?

No, unfortunately, New Jersey DWI law does not allow for the expungement of the record, or for the record of the DWI to be sealed and hidden from public view.

The good news is that a DWI conviction isn’t a criminal matter, so you aren’t walking around with a criminal record.

This means that when employers ask if you’ve been convicted of a crime in New Jersey, the answer is “no,” unless they specify a DWI or traffic offense.

Your DWI conviction will show up on your driving abstract.

Because you can’t remove a past conviction from your record, the stakes in preventing it in the first place are high.

By working with an experienced New Jersey DWI defense lawyer, you stand the best chance of avoiding conviction and walking away with a clean record.

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