Fatal Drunk Driving Trial Goes To Jury In Morristown

A tragic 2012 traffic accident that killed one person has finally been sent to the jury in Morristown.

Prosecutors allege that Vanessa E. Brown, 35, of Parsippany was driving drunk in East Hanover when she veered from her lane and struck Ralph Politi, Jr., as he stood beside his car overnight in May 2012.

In New Jersey, DWI lawyers are quick to reassure our clients that drunk driving is not typically prosecuted as a criminal matter, but in cases where others are injured or worse, other charges can easily be laid on.

In this case, Brown is charged with first degree aggravated manslaughter and second degree vehicular homicide, extremely serious charges that could result in decades in prison.

When facing charges this serious, work with an attorney who is broadly experienced in DWI and criminal law in New Jersey.

Matthew Reisig has defended clients as a criminal defense attorney for almost 20 years, and has argued DWI law before the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Few are as experienced on the issues around complicated drunk driving allegations.

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