NJ Legislator Wants Interlock Ignition Devices For First-Time DWI Convictions

New Jersey State Senator Nicholas Scutari has a plan to revamp the state’s DWI laws to limit unintended consequences and save lives.

Noting that in New Jersey, a first-time DWI conviction can mean a three-month loss of license, with no conditional licenses available, the senator’s proposal is designed to reduce the number of re-arrests for driving on suspended licenses.

These offenses create a vicious cycle where a defendant loses her license, which puts her job in jeopardy, then is unable to pay off the heavy fines associated with the conviction.

In order to preserve some financial viability or simply conduct her life, she then drives without a license, and if she’s caught, faces yet another suspension, jail time, and more fines.

Scutari wants the state to implement Interlock Ignition Devices for first-time DWI convictions instead.

This way, drivers would provide a breath sample before they begin driving, then be able to operate the vehicle only if sober.

The legislation was vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie last year, but Scutari hopes to develop a bill that will pass both the legislature and the governor’s desk.

These are real problems that catch thousands in a debilitating cycle that can really take a toll out of their lives.

If you’ve been charged with DWI in New Jersey, know that there is hope.

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