Holiday Weekend DWI Checkpoints Raise Issues in NJ

Ahead of the Memorial Day holiday weekend, police departments across New Jersey made an effort to let the public know that they would be out in force to catch drunk drivers. This is a fairly routine practice, with departments scheduling extra manpower and ordering DWI checkpoints to be placed during holidays. The papers write it up, the holiday proceeds, and a certain number of drivers are arrested for DWI in NJ.

What’s important to keep in mind is that New Jersey has very strict guidelines when it comes to DWI checkpoints. The police are required to use a randomized method to decide which vehicles to stop to ensure that they aren’t engaging in any type of profiling or otherwise violating drivers’ rights. There are rules governing the amount of time required for each stop, how that time is used, what indicators of impairment police can rely on, and requiring access to a separate area for field sobriety tests to be conducted.

In other words, in a DWI case stemming from a holiday sobriety checkpoint, there are numerous elements that can be examined to push back at charges of drunk driving. If you’ve been arrested for DWI in New Jersey, contact an experienced DWI defense lawyer right away. Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,040 drivers avoid conviction on DWI charges. Call 732-625-9660 today for a free consultation.

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