Do you have to proceed through a DWI checkpoint in New Jersey?

As the summer season gets underway and more people are out and about, it’s helpful to revisit some of the things you should know if you come upon a DWI checkpoint in New Jersey. First, your rights remain protected during the interaction, if you choose to proceed through the checkpoint. You are not obligated to pass through a DWI checkpoint you see ahead of you, and can turn around or turn away without consequence.

If you do advance to the checkpoint, the only obligations you have as a driver are to show your driver’s license and registration to the police officers. Anything else, including the types of routine questions you would expect (“Had anything to drink tonight?”) you are permitted to decline to answer. If police ask to search your vehicle, you are within your rights to decline the search. If police decide they have enough evidence to arrest you for DWI at the checkpoint, you retain your right to remain silent, and you’d be well served to avoid answering any questions, or even chatting with the arresting officers. Everything you say can and will be used against you to prosecute your case.

Drive safely and be wise about DWI checkpoints in New Jersey, but if you find yourself in police custody because of allegations of intoxication, fight back. Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,040 New Jersey drivers avoid conviction on DWI, and he can help you present the strongest, most persuasive case in your defense in the state. Call today at 732-625-9660 and talk to an experienced New Jersey DWI defense lawyer for free.

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