Morris Plains Man Nearly Crashes into Police Cars In DWI

A man who was awakened while sleeping in his car in the middle of Franklin Road in Denville launched into a small-scale traffic chase and nearly took out several police cars in the process.

According to media accounts, 39-year-old Kevin Deegan was spotted by an ambulance driver who called police to report that a vehicle was stopped in the roadway and that the driver was asleep behind the wheel.

When the ambulance driver went to check on him, Deegan woke up and drove off in the oncoming traffic lane, nearly colliding with a mailbox and other vehicles. As police cars headed toward the scene, Deegan nearly struck them as well.

Police were finally able to stop Deegan, and found an open vodka bottle, partly consumed, in the car. An empty bottle was also found.

Police administered field sobriety tests, which Deegan was not able to satisfactorily complete.

He was arrested at the scene and has been charged with DWI, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, improper turning, failure to keep right, consumption of alcohol by a driver in a vehicle, and possession of an open container in a vehicle.

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