Drunk Driver Drives to New Jersey Police Station to Pick Up Drunk-Driving Boyfriend

A word of advice: If you’re drunk, it may be best if you don’t drive to your local police station to pick up a loved one who’s been arrested for DWI.

If it sounds like common sense, you should know that this exact scenario happened recently in Riverdale, New Jersey.

Riverdale police had arrested 41-year-old Stefano Mari, a resident of Mendham, and charged him with DWI after a witness reported a possibly intoxicated driver.

He was brought to the station, and after processing, contacted his girlfriend, Alexsandra Silvero, for a ride home.

Silvero, from West Orange, made her way to the police station, where officers began to suspect that she herself was intoxicated.

Eventually, they charged her with DWI as well.

For police, it must have been an easy day of catching drunk drivers, but for Mari and Silvero, it’s a giant headache with potentially far-reaching consequences.

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