New Jersey Man In Trouble in New York After Drunk Driving in Lincoln Tunnel

You’d think that driving drunk through a closed section of the Lincoln Tunnel would be enough, but when an NYPD officer stopped a 43-year-old driver who was going through the center tube of the tunnel in the overnight hours of May 28, the man came up with more ways to get himself in trouble.

First, he provided a New Jersey driver’s license to them that turned out to be fake.

They later determined that his actual New Jersey driver’s license was suspended, and because of his bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol on his breath, police breathalyzed him and determined that his blood alcohol level was .145, nearly twice the legal limit.

While the offense happened in New York, the man is likely to face significant penalties here at home.

There are even circumstances where a second or subsequent stop for driving on a license that was suspended for DWI can result in felony-level charges in New Jersey, though because this stop happened out of state, it’ll be New York, not New Jersey, prosecuting a case under its laws.

Wherever you get stopped for drunk driving, working with an attorney at home is a good idea.

There are ways to minimize the damage, and an experienced DWI defense lawyer can help.

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