NJ Distracted Driving Campaign Shows The Revenue Power of Traffic Enforcement

There are valid public safety reasons for municipalities to patrol the streets and enforce traffic law, but it’s also worth keeping in mind that traffic enforcement is a revenue stream for local governments.

This has most recently been highlighted by Mount Olive Township’s release of data about its recent campaign to stop drivers who are texting or using cell phones in traffic.

The township reported that it brought in nearly $14,000 in fines from just 57 motorists.

Most were fined $200 with a $33 charge for court costs, but several were fined $406 with the $33 court cost charge.

Even better for Mount Olive’s finances, this only represents about half of the tickets that were issued during the campaign in April.

The remainder of ticketed drivers will be in court in coming weeks, boosting the township’s revenue that much higher.

Authorities consider distracted driving to be the most significant cause of car accidents, and the resulting injuries and fatalities, in New Jersey, and believe that distraction contributed to some 800,000 crashes between 2010 and 2014.

If you’re cited for DWI or distracted driving, you have a choice about whether to be a revenue stream or fight the allegations.

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