Drunk New Jersey Man Drives Wrong Way on Long Island Expressway, Then Pulls a U-Turn

In this week’s installment of “driving the wrong way gets you busted for drunk driving,” we have somewhat of a doozy.

Early on Saturday morning, Jaime Rivas, 56, of Haddonfield, New Jersey, provoked 911 calls from nearby drivers when he took off down the Long Island Expressway near Syosset – going the wrong way.

Police responded right away, and caught sight of Rivas’s 2007 Mercedes Benz as it drove eastbound in the westbound HOV lane, passing vehicles as it went.

Apparently Rivas realized something was wrong, because he then executed an extremely dangerous U-turn across all traffic lanes, before stopping on the shoulder close to Exit 44.

Police descended on the vehicle, finding Rivas himself with bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and smelling of alcohol.

He is facing a host of charges in Nassau County, New York, including DUI, reckless endangerment charges, and driving the wrong way.

Rivas’s story is just another reminder that sometimes the best course of action is to call a cab.

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