Mahwah Man Arrested for DWI Twice in One Day

If DWI arrests were a competitive sport, a 71-year-old Mahwah man would be in contention for the gold.

First, Richard B. Haskell was found in his car by police on the morning on September 23.

He was passed out at Suraci’s Pond, and neighbors had complained about an unresponsive person in a vehicle there.

Haskell had a bottle of alcohol between his legs, and the responding officer, Sgt. Timothy Shoemaker, reported that he could clearly smell the odor of alcohol on the man’s breath.

Shoemaker asked Haskell to perform a field sobriety test, which he failed. He then was taken into custody on suspicion of DWI.

At the station, Haskell’s blood alcohol concentration was found to be .21 percent. He was charged with an open container violation and DWI, then released to a sober driver.

Around lunchtime, Haskell pulled into the police station in a different vehicle and came inside to find out when his first vehicle, which was impounded after his arrest, would be released.

Police noticed that he still appeared to be intoxicated. They performed another round of field sobriety tests, which he again failed.

His blood alcohol concentration was recorded as .14 percent.

Haskell was then charged with a second count of DWI just hours after his first, and will appear in Ramsey Municipal Court on Oct. 24.

Some DWI stories are funny to read, but they’re never funny to the person cited.

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