Drunk NJ Driver Causes 9-Car Wreck in Pennsylvania

A man driving with a suspended New Jersey driver’s license is facing serious charges across the border in Pennsylvania after causing a 9-vehicle-accident that left another driver injured.

Responding to calls of shots fired, Easton, Pennsylvania, police arrived on the scene to find the massive wreck, with driver Raymond Shields, 28, too drunk to speak or perform field sobriety tests.

Another driver, who had been in a gray Honda Civic, suffered what police called a “serious bodily injury” and was transported to the hospital.

Shields made this very bad situation worse by providing police with a false name.

Eventually, officers located his driver’s license and learned that it was suspended, and that Shields has an outstanding arrest warrant in Essex County, on drug-related charges.

Shields is currently residing in Northampton County Prison after failing to post bail for a host of charges, including DUI, vehicular aggravated assault, giving a false ID to police, driving with a suspended license, and reckless driving.

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