NJ Drunk Driver Demands Cops Shoot Him In The Head

A young Hopatcong man caused a commotion recently after striking a curb with his car while driving drunk.

On October 9, Hopatcong police received a report that a black Jeep had struck a light post as it exited the town, and arrived at the scene shortly thereafter.

They determined that the light post was intact, but a vehicle had struck the curb near it.

At the local Quick Chek, they found a black Jeep with body damage indicative of the struck curb, and waited outside for the driver to emerge from the store.

His arrival likely did not go the way they expected.

First, Joseph Hannivig, 24, blew off the damage by saying the car was a rental.

He then told police that he’d been drinking at home earlier, and then had more to drink at a local restaurant.

He was unable to complete NJ officer’s field sobriety tests, and was taken into custody.

At the police station, Hannivig became combative as officers attempted to test his blood alcohol level, demanding that they shoot him in the head and challenging them to physically harm him.

Hannivig was ultimately charged with DWI, refusal, careless driving, and reckless driving, but officers first opted to take him to a hospital for further evaluation.

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