“Catnip Cocktail” Leads to DWI Arrest in Wayne, NJ

For one Valhalla, New York, man, the “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” label should have been a giveaway that what he was about to consume might be a bad choice before hitting the road.

Joseph Donofrio, 35, was spotted by cops in Wayne, New Jersey, as he made “extremely dangerous” lane changes on Route 23 southbound.

He was also speeding and driving recklessly when a patrol car pulled him over.

Donofrio told officers that he was going to a hospital, but police quickly found that Donofrio’s passenger, who was not identified in media accounts, was holding a bottle containing a prescription-only mood stabilizer for dogs and cats.

Donofrio admitted that he had been drinking the concoction, and as he demonstrated slurred speech and jerky hand movements, was unable to tell police how much he’d had or how long he’d been drinking his “Catnip Cocktail.”

Donofrio has been charged with DWI and inhaling toxic substances, as well as various traffic violations.

He was released to a sober adult and will face a judge soon.

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