Drunk Snowplow Driver Facing Due Process After Repeat DWIs

A New Jersey snowplow driver with a history of DWIs made headlines in January when he crashed a Department of Transportation-owned snow removal vehicle into two cars along Route 23 in Pequannock.

Police determined that the driver, Roger Attieh, 36, a resident of Boonton, had a blood alcohol level that was nine times over the limit of .04% that’s allowed for those who hold commercial driver’s licenses.

It was not Attieh’s first, or even second, DWI.

In fact, this incident represents the fourth DWI that Attieh has been charged with, and his record includes earlier incidents from 2002 and 2007.

Because of multiple DUI convictions, he was forced to wait ten years before applying for and receiving a commercial driver’s license in 2017, and then he picked up his third DWI arrest in Denville during the month of December.

Surprisingly, state agencies appear to have complied with all federal and state laws in Attieh’s application process, checking his record going back a decade as required, but no further.

If he’s convicted of the December DWI, he will lose his commercial driver’s license for a year.

If he’s convicted of that incident and the January snowplow arrest, he’ll be permanently barred from holding a CDL in New Jersey.

DWI takes on greater significance when your livelihood is on the line.

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