Dennis Rodman Comes to NJ Rehab After DUI Arrest

After a California DUI arrest that could land him in prison, Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman has come to New Jersey to park himself in rehab for alcohol abuse.

The stakes in his case are high.

The former Chicago Bulls star was already on probation in California after a 2016 hit-and-run in which he was driving the wrong way.

The DUI means that a judge will have to determine whether to revoke the three-year probation sentence and force Rodman to serve out his time behind bars.

As he checked himself into Turning Point Rehabilitation Center in Paterson days after the arrest, Rodman’s agent, Darren Prince, told a reporter from USA Today, “It’s no secret Dennis has been struggling on and off with alcoholism the past 17 years. He’s been dealing with some very personal issues the past month and we’re going to get him the help he needs now.”

Addiction can have devastating consequences, including in the legal realm.

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