Jets’ Donahue Into Rehab After Lincoln Tunnel DUI Crash

Arrested for Drunk Driving In New Jersey After A Vehicle Crash

A wrong-way crash in the Lincoln Tunnel in Weehawken wasn’t the first drunk driving case that Jets linebacker Dylan Donahue had been party to since being drafted into the NFL last May.

Just ten days after going pro, Donahue flipped his SUV while allegedly driving drunk in his hometown of Billings, Montana.

Police there claim that his blood alcohol content was recorded at 0.137, far above the .08 legal limit there and in New Jersey.

Then, in February, he was arrested for drunk driving by New Jersey police after the Lincoln Tunnel incident.

That sent him, apparently with the full support of his team, into rehab.

Donahue’s agent, Gary Uberstine, released a statement that read in part, “Dylan recognizes the seriousness of these issues and has voluntarily taken some important initial steps to deal with them.” The Jets say that he’ll be welcomed back when he’s healthy again.

The team has stood by players in the past as they dealt with substance abuse issues and got their lives together.

The National Football League, on the other hand, will likely issue Donahue suspensions as a disciplinary matter. What judges in Montana and New Jersey, where Donahue’s cases are still pending, have to say remains to be seen.

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