Women Facing Charges After Taking Turns Driving Drunk

Attorney For Fighting NJ DUI Case With Multiple Drivers

Hoboken Police, responding to a call about multiple car crashes involving parked cars, found a pair of women who had allegedly been alternating driving chores in a small-scale drunk driving spree. Inside the car, officers found 23-year-old Janelle Green, a New Jersey resident, behind the wheel and 24-year-old Jamila Banks, a resident of Alexandria, Virginia, in the passenger seat.

According to the two women, Banks had been driving the car but hit two parked cars as she went. Perhaps recognizing that she shouldn’t be driving, she turned the wheel over to Green. Unfortunately, Green was also allegedly intoxicated at the time, and she went on to strike at least two more parked vehicles.

Hiring A DUI Lawyer To Fight New Jersey Drunk Driving Charges

Both women were taken into custody and charged with DWI in a school zone. Looking at the bright side, no one was injured in the incident, including Green and Banks, but both will have a fight on their hands to push back on this novel DWI story.

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