Do I Need To Worry That Potential Employers Will See The DWI On My Record In New Jersey?

In most cases, you do not need to worry about job hunting and a past DWI.

Because New Jersey doesn’t treat DWI offenses as criminal charges but as traffic charges, a potential employer won’t necessarily see the DWI when performing a standard criminal background check.

That said, many employers ask about traffic offenses on their applications, and because your driving record is available to the public, you should be honest if the question is asked.

And if you apply for a job requiring a commercial driver’s license, you’re very likely to have a tough time securing employment in that role after a DWI, even years later.

Additionally, professional licensing boards in New Jersey and in other states may pursue sanctions after a DWI conviction.

Your best bet with a DWI conviction is to avoid one entirely.

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