How Many Times Can An Officer Insist On A Field Sobriety Test In New Jersey?

Police may try to get you to perform three types of standardized Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs), and even ask you additional questions that amount to non-standardized FST.

In some cases, police appear to use the FST process in an abusive way, where you successfully complete a round of tests and the officer insists you do them again, until eventually you fail and are arrested.

From a defense perspective, this behavior may give us grounds to argue that the arrest was inappropriate.

While refusing a Field Sobriety Test isn’t the same as refusing a chemical test in New Jersey, you will almost certainly be arrested if you refuse the FST.

How you choose to proceed from the time of arrest will have a big impact on your ability to drive in the near term.

You should strongly consider consenting to chemical testing and fighting any adverse finding in court, as you can be convicted of Refusal for declining tests, and you can be convicted of DWI even without FSTs or chemical testing.

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