How Can I Defend Myself If I Blew Over The Limit In New Jersey?

As much as the police and prosecutors would like for you to decide that the evidence they have against you is airtight and that there’s nothing you can do to fight back, the truth is that a breath test reading over 0.08% isn’t the silver bullet they want you to believe it is.

There are many defenses against a DUI in New Jersey, and the only way to properly develop a strategy is to examine the particulars of your case.

For starters, we’ll begin by asking what was the probable cause for pulling you over.

In the field, police will often initiate a traffic stop based on a hunch rather than witnessing a violation of traffic laws. If you broke no laws, there was no probable cause.

We’ll ask to see any videos the police cruiser may have recorded, which can also tell us important information about any field sobriety test you may have been asked to take.

We’ll examine your health history and diet, and ensure that you are physically able to provide a usable sample, and that your physical condition would have provided a reliable sample. Certain illnesses, asthma, and diets can impact the quality and reliability of the test result.

And we’ll validate that the Alcotest device was properly calibrated and maintained, that the test was administered by a properly authorized agent, and that the testing protocols were followed.

There are many opportunities to push back against a DWI charge in New Jersey, and Matthew Reisig has more experience at it than most other attorneys in the state. Call today at 732-625-9660 for a free consultation.

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