Can Police Administer Non-Authorized Field Sobriety Tests In New Jersey?

They can, but the results of non-standard Field Sobriety Tests are not admissible in court.

Even authorized Field Sobriety Tests can be fought on a variety of grounds, from medical conditions in the person taking the test to a police officer’s inappropriate administration of the tests.

Authorized Field Sobriety Tests are to be performed under clearly defined protocols, and when the police don’t follow their own rules, the job of a New Jersey DWI lawyer is to fight back.

Field Sobriety Tests are intended to give police a reasonable idea of what’s going on with a driver who may display signs of intoxication, but too often, police use them inappropriately.

They may require the driver to perform the test for longer durations than required, or make a driver repeat a test over and over until eventually they “fail.”

Attorney Matthew Reisig knows how to make inappropriate police procedure a matter for the court to decide.

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