What Happens When I’m Facing A Third DUI Charge In Ten Years In New Jersey?

A third DUI conviction in New Jersey in a ten year period will represent a life-changing event for you.

While the $1000 fine may or may not be a significant hardship for you, you will also face jail time of at least six months, and a loss of your driving privileges in New Jersey for a full ten years.

What To Expect Once You’ve Served The DUI Charges Penalties

Once your privileges are restored, you’ll be ordered to use, and pay for, an Ignition Interlock Device for as long as three years.

Basically, a third DUI conviction in New Jersey can screw up the next decade and a half of your life, and you have every reason to take all available steps to protect yourself from conviction.
DUI Charges
Remember, being charged with a DUI is not the same as being convicted, and an experienced DUI/DWI attorney can help you fight back against police and prosecutors.

Matthew Reisig has helped more than 1,001 clients avoid conviction on DUI charges all across New Jersey.

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